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Best Chicken Tenders in Orange County

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Chicken Tenders: the blandest food. Made from the worst part of the chicken, tenders are usually marketed to people who can't handle flavor. Spice-C is a whole different story, and for this reason, they are Brode's Best.

What to order

The menu is pretty simple. Do you want your tenders in a slider? or just on bread? How spicy you want 'em?

You can get 'em without spice, and you can get 'em inedibly spicy. Everything beyond Mild is wildly hot. Just get it Mild. Look, I can handle spicy. I love spicy food. Get it mild.

The Slider and Tender combo is perfect - you get everything good on the menu, including the delicious fries. (EDIT: They changed the fries. They're still good, but not AS good.) I even like the pickles and white bread.

I've been to Nashville and tried the hot chicken there, and honestly Spice-C blows it out of the water.

Ok if you really want to try it hotter, you can get extra tender at Medium. But I warned you. And why the F do they have 3 levels of heat beyond Medium??

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