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Best Hot Dog in Orange County

Hot dogs are not "trendy" right now, but that doesn't stop the Dogzilla food truck from serving up Brode's Best.

You'll have to track them down to find where they'll be on any given day, but it's absolutely worth it - their dogs are the best you'll find.

What to order

The Yaki Dog (pictured above) is their best dog - a spicy link piled high with sweet yakisoba and red ginger. instead of hot dog buns, they split King's Hawaiian rolls for a soft and sweet bun that perfectly compliments the spicy hot link.

They have other dogs, but the Yaki is, uh, the top dawg.

If you can't find the truck, Dogzilla teamed up with another OC Food Truck staple, The Burnt Truck, to create a brick-and-mortar restaurant called "Burntzilla". They serve small versions of their zillas there, although they don't always have the Yaki dog on the menu.

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Feb 06, 2021

I actually just like mustard and onions on hotdoggos. Call me old fashioned.


Jan 19, 2021

Everyone who eats it is sinful gluttony

I'm not exaggerating at all

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