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Best Hot Korean Soup in Orange County

Korean Food is manyfold, and while the most popular of Korean dish is KBBQ, there are many other Korean foods that are less common here in Orange County, and they are absolutely worth trying. If you're in the mood for some hot Korean soups, Brode's Best is Yigah.

Yigah (pronounced EE-gah) is known for 2 soups that are equally delicious; one is spicy and the other is not.

What to order

My favorite is the Yukk'aejang, a spicy beef soup with a deep flavorful broth that just don't quit. Despite the bright red color, I wouldn't consider it very spicy. I would consider it very delicious.

Yigah is most known for it's Seolleongtang, a bone broth soup that comes unseasoned. You are not supposed to eat it without seasoning it! Each table has an dish of salt and an urn of green onions. You are meant to season the soup to your taste. The soup is very delicious when salted appropriately, and you may wish to ask for a small bowl to experiment with salt levels without over-salting your main bowl. This dish is way up there with Pho as a great soup that recharges you when you're under the weather.

I love the kimchi at Yigah. All of the panchan is excellent. They also have a light iced barley tea they serve in place of water, which is refreshing and very nice.

Other great dishes: the Tonkatsu (either style) and the Bibim Nengmyun.

My great sadness at Yigah is that they discontinued their very best soup, the Tteok mandu guk. A delicious blend of pepper, egg, and dumplings, the soup was something really special. Word is, they lost their dumpling provider. How crushing.

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