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Best Italian Food in Orange County

I'll be honest, the Italian Food in Orange County kind of sucks. However, Tutto Famiglia is good enough that it breaks through the haze of bad Italian to become one of Brode's Best.

Family-owned, this unassuming restaurant in Lake Forest is punching way above it's weight.

What to order

Every day there's a new special, and sometimes it's pretty bonkers. The lamb (pictured above) was one of my all-time favorites, so if that's available, you should definitely get it.

Outside of the specials, I just love the Pollo al Greco, a lemon garlic half-chicken with a garlicky side-pasta. Their house salad looks very bland but is somehow actually phenomenal. It has no right to be that good, given how it looks.

If you have room for an appetizer, you must try the fried Mozzarella Marinara, or perhaps the Caprese salad.

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2021

the only thing I know about Italian Food is bon appetit And pizza

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