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Best Korean BBQ in Orange County

Orange County is home to hundreds of KBBQ joints, but Shik Do Rak is Brode's Best.

It ain't the fanciest place, (that honor may go to Baekjeong) but you can't eat the fancy. You can eat the one thing they do better than anyone else: Brisket.

What to order

It's an all-you-can-eat place, so you just need to choose what you want to eat. And you should eat the Brisket. Don't be tempted by bulgogi or other marinated items; they'll just muck up your grill and slow you down. Brisket. Maybe some mushrooms and onions.

At most Korean restaurants, they scatter the table with delicious side dishes (called panchan). The panchan here are excellent... except for the kimchi! Quite the miss. Luckily the radish kimchi more than makes up for it. They'll refill anything you finish.

Ask your server for some of the salad (it's free), and then top it with a slice of crisped up Brisket that you've dipped in the oil and salt AND the amazing hot sauce. Layer a slice of rice paper (or radish paper) on top, and use your chopsticks to grab all of it in a sort of reverse-taco. The perfect bite.

Other items to try: Steamed Egg, Soybean Paste Stew

A side note: the hot sauce is the thing that puts Shik Do Rak's brisket a head above everyone else. It truly is magical.

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