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Best Pita Bread in SoCal

Pita bread is good and all, but had never reached the level of blogging, until I tried the sourdough Pita from Lodge Bread.

A pita sandwich. I don't even bother with the sandwich part though

Much of the menu is delicious at Lodge. But their Pita bread is unlike any other pita I've had. It's soft and spongey. It's more sour than normal thanks to it's sourdough heritage. It's MUCH thicker than normal pita bread. What a complex and delicious bread! I spread a little butter on there because I'm not a pita purist and I like butter.

Lodge is a restaurant but also a bakery where you can buy loaves (and pita). Try some other stuff at Lodge, too! But make sure to grab some pita to go.

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1 Comment

Dec 31, 2022

Looks like some dippin’ sauce going on there? What’s the best sauce to pair this with?

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