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Best Restaurant in Orange County

No surprise here, Playground 2.0 is Brode's Best.

Playground 2.0 is an experience. You buy a ticket in advance and it covers your meal, wine pairings (if you're into that), tax, and tip. You don't need to bring your wallet to the restaurant.

The food is bold and exciting. Many times I'll eat a dish I've never heard of before, or will be shown a new, delicious preparation for a food I thought I didn't like.

Usually the meal will be 15-ish courses, all of them shocking in some new way. The head chef, Jason Quinn, is hilarious and makes the experience truly memorable.

What to order

You don't get to order once you've arrived - the meal is pre-planned. You can choose from a variety of meal themes and buy tickets to the one that excites you most. If I had to choose, I might go with the "Trust" theme, but I have really enjoyed every one I've been to - you can't go wrong.

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