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Best Restaurant, period

I have eaten at some fancy ass restaurants in my life, but none of them beats out this Beverly Hills icon: Lawry's The Prime Rib. This is the restaurant that spawned the Lawry's seasoning empire, but better than even their seasoning salt is their massive slabs of perfectly cooked prime ribs of beef. There's something special about this restaurant, and to me, it's Brode's Best.

The restaurant itself is massive, featuring several huge dining rooms. If you end up in the main room, watch out for the huge domed ceiling. It has an interesting effect where if you stand (or sit) on one side, what you say is magnified somehow by the shape of the ceiling, and whoever sits directly opposite you on the other side of the dome can hear you crystal clear... even if you whisper! Often we'd stay until we were nearly the last people in the restaurant and play with the bizarre acoustics. There's a smaller dome in the entry that produces a similar effect.

What to order

Get the prime rib! I like it rare or medium rare, and with plenty of Seasoning Salt. You must get a side of creamed corn - there ain't none better. Your meal also comes with the famous spinning bowl salad, another favorite.

For dessert, I love the CC Brown's Hot Fudge Sundae. What a classic.

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19 janv. 2021

My father raises sheep

And we eat meat at every event

I would like to check how your prime rib compares

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