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Best Salad, anywhere. Also best Italian in Tustin!

Good Italian food in Tustin?? What's the world coming to?!

It finally happened! The Parlor opened up in 2023 and has become the "talk of the town"! Maybe just because I've been talking about it to anyone who will listen. I'm going to full hipster here and tell you I've been going since they only had 3 yelp reviews. I was review number 4! But now the secret is out and it can get super busy during lunch.

The Pizza here is incredible. The Fiore e Limone pizza, with Squash, Lemon, and Burrata, is fantastic! I also love the Guanciale Pizza, which I like to add Pepperoni to. The pasta is also worth ordering. I especially like the Orecchiette and the Cacio e Pepe.

But what is absolutely stunning is their salads. The Parlor Salad is the best salad I've ever had. The citrus salad and the Green Goddess are also A++ super incredible. You cannot go wrong with a salad here. I literally come to this pizza place and order only a salad. And this is the place with the best pizza in Tustin. It does take some amount of self control. haha. But not much!

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