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Best Shoyu Ramen in Orange County

Orange County is a hot spot for Ramen, especially Costa Mesa, which has been referred to as Ramen City, USA. So it follows that the best place for Shoyu Ramen is there, in a tiny, cramped shopping center: Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai. The delicious noodles and broth make this place Brode's Best.

I want to mention that the same location housed another Ramen great: Kohryu. I still miss Kohryu, but Kitakata is so good that it dulls the pain of that loss.

What to Order

The Chashu ramen (pictured) and the Kitakata ramen are the same, except for the amount of pork you get. Both are delicious. I also highly recommend the pan-fried gyoza. They come with a spicy yuzu paste and very tasty dipping sauce. People have been known to enjoy the Karage here as well.

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Sep 13, 2021

I can't go to that place and NOT order the green chili scallion salt-broth ramen though....

And hurray franchising (the one on Brookhurst is a ton easier to park than ex-Kohryu)


Jan 19, 2021

ramen It's one of my favorite foods

If there was such a restaurant where I live

I'm sure I eat it every day

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