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Best Tacos in Orange County

Updated: Jul 8

EDIT: This place is under new management and wasn't as good in my last visit. For now I'd say the jury is out if this is still the best. My heartache is immeasurable.

Taqueria El Zamorano is Brode's Best.

Get the Beef Cheek taco, the Fish taco, the Carnitas Taco, the Asada, or the Birria taco. Do not get a burrito, a quesadilla, or a torta - this place is all about the tacos, and honestly everything else is just ok. They have phenomenal Aguas Frescas here as well. The corn tortillas are hand made.

WARNING: There is another Taqueria El Zamorano in Costa Mesa. Apparently it was sold and became a vegan taco place under new management. I've been told it is "not delicious". You want to head to original one, in Santa Ana.

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