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Best Thai Food in Orange County

Thai food. So good, right? There are plenty of excellent Thai places, but the most excellent is Spice Thai. I judge a Thai place on their curry and their coconut milk soup, and while this place doesn't ace the coconut milk soup, they do ace the curry, and the Crying Tiger and Pad See Ew more than make up for the soup. All this makes Spice Thai one of Brode's Best.

What to order

The all-star dish at Spice Thai is the Crying Tiger (pictured above), which I often order as an appetizer for the table. As a main dish I'll often get the Panang Beef Curry, which is super great. All of the curries are great but the Panang is SUPER great.

The Pad See Ew is top notch. The soups are all excellent, and the "Noodle Soup" is one of my favorite soups to eat while feeling a bit under the weather.

Add a Thai Iced Tea for a sweet drink along side the sour flavors of lemongrass.

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