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Best Yakitori in Orange County

It can be hard to find a table at Honda-Ya; the line is often hours long. But once you make it through the door, you're in for a long night of eating small skewers of delicious meats. The experience and the quality of the food make Honda-Ya one of Brode's Best.

There's something fun about ordering skewers of meats by ticking off your choices in pencil on a long sheet of paper. Each round you can hone your decisions and either try something new, or get more of what you loved from the last round.

What to order

They have a menu of some more traditional Japanese items, but the star here are their skewered meats. Some of my favorites: Pork Belly, Beef Cheek, Bacon-wrapped asparagus, Japanese sausage, and Lamb. There are dozens of options, and part of the fun is figuring out which you like the best.

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2021

It sounds perfect with alcohol

vodka or sweet white wine

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