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Best Cold Korean Soup in Orange County

Korean food is super good, and one of my favorite dishes is a cold soup called Naengmyeon. There's some pretty bad places to get this dish in OC, but there is also one great place, and it's Brode's Best: Yuk Dae Jang!

What to order

Yuk Dae Jang is named for their Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, but don't order that. It's much better at nearby Yigah. Instead, get the Naengmyeon, or "Angus Brisket Cold Buck Wheat Noodle". There are two types of Naengmyeon; the "Mul" variety, and the "Bibim" variety. "Mul" means 'water' in Korean, so it just means that there is extra broth. Bibim Naengmyeon is spicier but also a bit sweeter. It has a bolder flavor, if you're into that.

Either way, the Naengmyeon here is delicious and refreshing; perfect for a hot day!

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